Mother-Daughter Relationship

  • The Hunger for Connection
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Making Peace with Your Mother: Rewriting Your Story
  • Why Make Peace with Your Mother?
  • The Power of Making Peace with Your Mother
  • The 5 C’s of Making Peace: Communication, Collaboration, Compromise, Compassion and Connection

Writing Workshops

  • The Healing Power of Writing
  • When Writing Heals
  • How Writing Changes the Brain
  • Raw Material: How to Find It, What to Do With It

Befriending Topics

  • Why Befriend Your Ex?
  • Contemplating Befriending: Am I Ready?
  • Identifying Your Barriers to Befriending: 5 Common Obstacles
  • Befriending Your Emotions: The Power of Mindfulness
  • Understanding the Difference Between Letting Go and Forgiveness
  • The Power of Befriending Your Ex
  • The 5 C’s of Befriending: Communication, Collaboration, Compromise, Compassion and Connection

Eating Disorders Topics

  • Does My Child Have an Eating Disorder? Definitions, Facts and Warning Signs
  • What’s Normal Eating? Living in a Fast Food World
  • Advice for Families Dealing with Eating Disorders
  • Building Bridges: A Mother Daughter Workshop
  • Fostering a Healthy Body Image in Your Child: Do’s and Don’ts for Parents