Upcoming Events

Family Matters: a Monday night Monthly writing group series (with Laura Zinn Fromm)
we resume September 16th, 2019

Our minds are filled with stories–from our lives, our offices, our dreams. Therapy is one way of digging down deep and transforming ourselves. So is writing.

Join our new Monday night monthly workshop series. Five, two-hour workshops will help you open up to your own stories. Writing exercises, meditations and readings will help you bring your stories to life on the page. Whether you are writing fiction or creative non-fiction, memoirs or personal essays, our workshop will help you tap into your experiences and turn them into stories.

All great works of fiction and creative non-fiction are built on the same premise: Story-telling. In these workshops, you will learn how to apply the principles of story-telling to build scenes, develop characters, write dialogue (both interior monologue and spoken dialogue), utilize description and weave together the threads of your imagination and experience into powerful, memorable stories.

Dates: Sept. 16, Oct. 7, Nov. 18, Dec. 16 & Jan.13. 2020. 6-8 pm.
Location: 155 West 68th Street, NYC 10023
Fee: To reserve your check please send check for $500. to Judy Rabinor, 250 West 90th Street, Apt 7a, NYC NY 10024
Contact me @ jrrabinor@gmail.com for more details.


November 9th, 2019.

Relational Perspectives: Strategies, Interventions and the Healing Therapeutic Stance.
A 2 hour workshop with Dr. Judith Brisman, PhD at The Renfrew Conference, Philadelphia Airport Marriott Hotel.

Renfrew Conference: http://renfrewcenter.com/renfrew-center-foundation/renfrew-conference