Video & Audio Appearances

LA TALK RADIO – “Dr. Debra” Mandel Interviews Judith Ruskay Rabinor, Ph.D.


11:23-15:12 – The importance of prioritizing the well being of your children and learning to take the high road when dealing with your ex.

19:09 20:40 – Recovery involves grief- I emphasize the the importance of grieving

23:23-25:50 – Another important healing step is recognizing the worth of your ex as a person: probably your ex wasn’t all bad.



Judy Rabinor interviewed by Wendy Hernandez on Guilt after Divorce


Michelle Skeen interviews Dr. Judith Ruskay Rabinor, PhD. for “Relationships 2.0” Podcast


TV Show Interview by Kathryn Raaker


Dr. Rabinor on The Oprah Show


Dr. Rabinor on ‘Hungry to be Heard’

In the last decade, the epidemic of eating disorders has increased in the Jewish community. See Dr. Rabinor exploring this problem on this documentary: Hungry To Be Heard: Eating Disorders in the Jewish Community


Sally Jessy Raphael featuring Dr. Judith Rabinor: Mothers and Daughters


Dr. Rabinor at a Barnes and Noble Event